Terms & Conditions

This agreement was written in English. In the case of any translations, the English version should take priority.
The following terms of service govern your access to DigiClann, including our website, apps and any other relevant services. Your agreement to these services is based on your acceptance and compliance with our rules and regulations, and is automatically assumed when you sign up to the service. If you do not agree to these terms, you must not access our services.


1. Basic terms

  • You must be at least 13 years old to use DigiClann.
  • You must not post any content which is unlawful, discriminatory, hateful or pornographic.
  • You must not bully, abuse, threaten, harass, impersonate, intimidate, stalk or defame any other individual or group.
  • You must not use anyone else’s social security information or any other identity documents or attempt to impersonate any other individual.
  • You are responsible for your own use of our services and for any content you share. DigiClann takes no responsibility for offensive, harassing or bullying materials shared by you or any other user.
  • You accept all risks of unauthorized access and are responsible for the security of your own account.
  • You must not sell, transfer or license your account to any other entities.
  • You may only use DigiClann’s services if you have not already been banned under another user name or profile. If you are barred from receiving any other services under the laws of the India you must not access these services.
  • You must use the services in compliance with the terms and rules of the state, zone or area you are based in.
  • You must not do any of the following while accessing or using the services:
    • Access, edit or tamper with any non-public parts of the services or anyone else’s data.
    • Scan, test or probe the vulnerability of any system or network related to DigiClann
    • Access or search (or attempt to) the services by any means other than those outlined by DigiClann
    • Forge any IP/TCP packet header or information available via email or public posting, or use the services in any other way which could be deemed as deceptive, fraudulent or deliberately false
    • Interfere with any other user’s experience, via hosting or networks
    • Use or attempt to access any other user’s account without their prior permission
    • Attempt to sidestep or avoid any of our rules and regulations
    • Send any viruses or any other kind of damaging content


2. Software, Mobiles and other devices

  • Our mobile service is currently free, but please do be aware of your phone provider’s rates for data and text messaging, which are entirely independent of DigiClann. We are not responsible for any data charges so make sure you understand the limits set by your provider first.
  • If you change your mobile phone number, you are required to update your account information within 48 hours to protect your identity and that of any person who takes on your old number.
  • In order to gain the optimal levels of service from DigiClann, you are advised to apply app updates as and when notified.
  • You must not modify, create or copy any source code from DigiClann unless provided with a prior licence by us.


3. Copyright

DigiClann respects the intellectual property rights of all our users and we expect the same in return. Any user who deliberately infringes the intellectual property rights of another individual or group will be barred from using the service. If you believe that your own rights have been infringed, you may contact us at:




If you have any questions relating to any of our terms, contact us


4. Advertisements and commercial content

If advertisements are shared on DigiClann, it is our aim to ensure that they are helpful and relevant to users and advertisers. In order to comply with this, you must not share any spam content or advertise any product or service which could be deemed inappropriate or offensive.


5. Amendments

Any amendments to our rules will be provided to you, so you have the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether or not to continue to use the service. Your continued use after this date will be considered as your acceptance of any amended terms or policies.


6. Termination

Any violation of our terms or policies will be result in the termination of your DigiClann account. In this case, you will receive an email from DigiClann advising you of the situation and our reasons for termination.


7. Disputes

  • In the case of any disputes, you have the right to write a formal complaint to our head office, and we will respond to your query within 72 hours.
  • If DigiClann are presented with a claim from anyone else relating to your actions, you will be automatically liable for any resulting legal action. Whilst we provide rules and guidelines, any harmful, offensive, libellous or otherwise threatening behaviour posted by any of our users will be the sole responsibility of that person, not DigiClann. We accept no responsibility for the behaviour or conduct of any of our users, and in the case of any law suits you, the user, will be solely liable for any damage you cause.


8. Bugs

We aim to keep DigiClann bug free and safe, but all users do so at their own risk. We provide DigiClann without warranties (expressed or implied) and cannot guarantee that it will constantly remain error free. We are not responsible for the data of third parties or the actions of any users or non-users that may result in the damage of any devices, and by joining DigiClann you accept that any claims damages you may have against any other user or third party will not be connected to us.


If you have any questions or concerns about our terms and privacy policies, or feel that your rights or those of any other user have been infringed in any way, you may contact us at:


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